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Camping Lantern Hook Hanger

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  • Can't find a place to hang things during outdoor activities?
  • Our portable camping hook can perfectly solve this problem! Suitable for hanging on all kinds of objects and use at any time!

Main Features

  • ▶ Multipurpose
    This camping hook hanger is great for hanging outdoor lanterns, clothes, bags, and any other accessories with string when camping, bivouac, hiking, fishing, etc.
  • ▶ Lightweight And Compact
    Each hook weighing less than 4.2 oz, Length: 10.2", easy to pack and carry to campsites.
  • ▶ Easy To Use
    You just need to hang one end of this on a branch or any other column then you can hang lamps or bags on the other end without any tools.
  • ▶ Durable Material
    The tent lantern hook is made of bending-resistant steel with high corrosion resistance. Anti-slip rubber on both ends to ensure firmly stay on the suitable poles or branches, and will not slip down.


    • Steel+Rubber
    Weight Mini hook: 20g
    Short hook: 36g
    Long hook: 93g
    Small loop hook: 110g
    Large loop hook: 120g
    Applicable Diameter Mini hook: 9-12mm
    Short hook: 19-22mm
    Long hook: 19-22mm
    Small loop hook: 19-22mm
    Large loop hook: 27-32mm
    Package Contents
    • Small loop hook × 1 + large loop hook × 1 / Mini hook × 1 + short hook × 1 + long hook × 1